Friday, September 26, 2014

Steampunk Vampire

Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas 16x12

This Victorian gentleman is no gentleman, or for that matter, even human. This vampire predator prowls the foggy London streets in search of prey and his search has been successful!

Friday, September 19, 2014

First Love

My small travel setup for watercolor
They say you never forget your first love. In art, my first love was watercolor. The wet paper, the uncontrolled movement of the pigment, the fresh crisp immediacy of the process, the delicate washes of pure color ...these are the things I loved. But I didn't love the need to mat, frame and protect the art under glass. We gradually grew apart. Eventually I ended my decade long affair with watercolors and Acrylics became my new love.

Now things have come full circle. A worldwide movement called Urban Sketching has reunited us at last. Small studies painted plein air just for the pure joy of it are what watercolor does best. It's easily portable and everything you need fits in a small kit. A field kit such as the Koi model shown here comes with 24 half pans and a slick waterbrush that eliminates the need for a water container. Yes, watercolor and I are back together at last and we make art together everyday! Acrylics are still my True Love, but my first love is back to stay!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Steampunk Jack

Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas 16x12
Steampunk Jack
A tip of the top hat to Jack the ripper in this Steampunk version of London’s serial killer. Wait until he runs into the two steampunk girls in the Whitechapel alley, the outcome will be a whole lot different.
I went to the Bristol Renaissance Fair on the Steampunk weekend and saw this character in the crowd. He stood out (and above) most of the others. He gave me permission to snap a photo and my imagination supplied the rest.

Steampunk Girls

Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas 16x12
Steampunk Girls
This painting is a companion piece to Steampunk Jack. While killing prostitutes in the Whitechapel district was his specialty, Jack is about to meet his match in this East London alley. That’s not Jack in the doorway, that’s just their business manager.