Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Hill, "Winters Eve at Holy Hill"

"Winter's Eve at Holy Hill"


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White Buffalo

White Buffalo Spirit
20x24 Original - Acrylic on Canvas

Sunset, "Skyscape"

30x40 Original - Acrylic on Canvas
Gallery wrapped with painted sides so a frame is not necessary. Available from the artist for $1500.00

Fantasy painting, "Outdoor Concert"

Outdoor Concert"
30x40 Original - Acrylic on Canvas

Music soothes the savage beast and here is an example of that truism. There is also an active volcano and a view of Earth in the sky. Available from the artist for $1500.00

Nude Painting, "Maria"

16x20 Original - Acrylic on Canvas"
The bright yellow drape of material is almost sculptural and is meant to create a path for the viewer upwards toward the figure. Available from the artist for $640.00

Mardi Gras Woman

"Mardi Gras Woman"
click here 24x36 Original - Acrylic on Canvas
The fog swirls about this Mardis Gras reveler in her elaborate feathered mask. Available from the artist for $1200.00

Balloon Painting, "Letting Go"

"Letting Go"
16 x 20 Original - Acrylic on Canvas
A victorian woman with umbrella watches the balloon she released as it floats away.

balloon canvas prints

Fantasy painting, "Lake Spirit"

"Lake Spirit"
16x20 Original - Acrylic on Canvas

I like the mood of this painting that features a ghostly apparition rising from the waters of a northern lake. This painting is available from the artist for $900.00.

Home Before Dark

"Home Before Dark"

20x24 Original - Acrylic on Canvas

It's raining cats and dogs and apparently children too! I remember being told as a child to be home before dark. If you came home after the street lights came on, you were in big trouble. Available from the artist for $900.00

Angel Painting, "Fallen Angel - Despair"

"Fallen Angel - Despair"
24x30 Original - Acrylic on Canvas
This painting is one of the three paintings in the "Fallen Angel" series. The androgynous winged figure has fallen to the ground in utter despair surrounded by the somber forest.

Sunset, "End of Day"

"End of Day"
18x24" click here Acrylic on Canvas
Just as the setting sun signifies the end of day the hooded figure of Charon with his staff is waiting to ferry souls across the river Styx at the end of our mortal days.

Fantasy painting Vikings, "Discovery of America"

"Discovery of America"
click here 36x48" Acrylic on Canvas
Being of Nordic descent, I have always enjoyed the theory that the Vikings were actually the first to discover and visit America. In this version the long boats can fly and the women are the warriors. There is also a subconcious level to this painting that I explain on my website.


30x40 Original - Acrylic on Canvas
The legend of Atlantis suggests an advanced civilization that influenced Egypt and Ancient Greece before vanishing into the sea. See more Lost City art here; lost city art

Cloud formation

Cloud Study

12x16 Original - Acrylic on canvas

This painting was based on a drive home through the midwest farmlands. The setting sun illuminated the clouds in the eastern sky. Available from the artist for $250.00

Fantasy Surrealism, "Autumn Fairy"

Autumn Fairy
20x24 Original - Acrylic on stretched canvas
Autumn gives way to winter as the trees lose their leaves and the first snow covers the ground ...butterflies and fairies must depart.

Balloon Painting, "Flight of the Swan 2"

Flight of the Swan 2
20x24 Original - Acrylic on stretched canvas
This is the second in the ongoing series of the intrepid hot air balloon "The Swan". I love to include balloons in my paintings representing freedom and adventure as they float into the sky and escape the bonds of gravity. hot air balloon prints

Cloud formation, "Four Horses of the Apocalypse"

Four Horses of the Apocalypse
36x48 Original - Acrylic on canvas
The heads of the four horses can be found in the clouds minus their riders. This is a large painting with lots of impact. Available from the artist for $1800.00