Monday, April 21, 2014

Those Things Will Kill You!

Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas 16x12
Sex was her weapon of choice, but would it stop a bullet? A gunman aims to kill as the scantily clad target takes a drag, of what may be, her last cigarette.

Another painting in my “Sin, sex, and cigarettes series” …the series that pays tribute to the wonderful cover art of the vintage pulp magazines.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Rainy Night in Milwaukee

Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas 12x16
A sudden Spring downpour drenches the city streets as people hurry to find a dry place to escape the cold rain. Traffic slows to a crawl as the driving rain drums on the car roofs and reduces visibility. Gutters become rivers and thunder grumbles and then booms like distant canon fire. It’s a wet April night in Milwaukee!

Chicago Raindrops on Glass

Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
Raindrops splatter against the window as thunder shakes the glass and rumbles across the dark and churning sky. The city looks as if it is underwater …a lost city of Atlantis beneath the waves. Watery lights gleam and flicker distorted by the droplets as they wriggle their way down the wet surface. It seems like a good day to stay snug and dry in your bed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

UFO's Entering Atmosphere

Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas 36x48
A beautiful class H planet revolving around a distant star receives alien visitors at the edge of the atmosphere. It could be ancient earth or maybe future earth, who knows?

hClass Planet - classification of habitable planets (Star Trek would label it a class 5 planet) Said planet is lying in what’s commonly known as a star’s “Goldilocks Zone” – a position that is neither too hot nor too cold, but instead exactly the right environment to support the prospect of liquid surface water, and therefore, life.

This is a very large painting (for me) and has a heavy texture. The painted sides are 1 3/4" thick and this painting is ready to hang - no frame required.