Friday, January 29, 2010

Character Study Portrait, "Flowered Hat Plus Attitude"

Flowered Hat Plus Attitude
Original Acrylicon Canvas 16x20
This was a class demonstration. I love the haughty look of the woman and the dramatic shading produced by the hat. Available for $640.

Advanced Acrylic Class With Tom

Back row left to right; Hannah Both, Dean Anderson, and Margie Pierson.
Here are some talented artists hard at work!

Advanced Acrylic Class

Sometimes a little wine is just what we need
Here's six of the Magnificent Seven - From left to right and front to back, we have;
Mary Reschke, Vera Frosch, Colleen Kroll, Shannon Northrop, Margie Pearson, and Dean Anderson hiding behind his easel. Hannah Both is not pictured here.

Joey and furry Murray BFF's

Joey and Murray BFF
Original Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
This is a painting of my Grandson, Joey, and his best friend Murray. And although they look nothing alike, Murray is the brother of my dog, his sister, Cassie the pooch (same litter). I think I captured both of their personalities. SOLD